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Adedeji Temitope Ireti Comment On Tecno Pop 10. 2 day(s) ago

Nice. Best for me

Axolochii Comment On Moxee m2160. 27 day(s) ago

Shit phone. For being a free, government given phone it's still ass. Literally, you'd have a better chance surviving being hit by a train than getting anything to work on this damned device. 2gb ram? might as well tie yourself to train tracks. The thing takes forever to open, load or download an app, typing is a pain because barely anything will go at the speed you are (i type a word and have to wait 30 seconds for it to register) - service is bad aswell (jonathan borden dont kid yourself, calls text n video work like spoiled milk in cereal) and its LTE like seriously? LTE LMFAO - whoever made and designed this phone should be fired and have 3 generations of their family put in prison for this abomination in THIS economy

Jozo Petrovic Comment On Xiaomi Qin F30. 1 month(s) ago

Can we make video call trough WhatsApp or Viber?

Sebastian Rugoi Comment On Oppo A1x. 1 month(s) ago

Price in ksh

Muhammad Younis Comment On Figi G6. 1 month(s) ago

Mujhe FiGi G6 ka touch chahye Kisi ke pas ho to my cell number 03082425673

Bismarkayensu Comment On Itel A70. 1 month(s) ago

I want your s to send me the pictures

Mike P Comment On Moxee m2160. 2 month(s) ago

Agree 100% with William, worst piece of junk I've ever TRIED to use. It's sooooooooo sloooooow that it's impossible to do much of anything! Do NOT get this throwaway phone

Ardy See Comment On T mobile REVVL 6 5G. 2 month(s) ago

Is the T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G phone run on version or higher on Android.?

Thomas Comment On Fairphone 5. 2 month(s) ago

i find it hard to believe the battery would be none removable as the whole ethos of fairphone is the longevity of its devices and the impacts it has on the planet in the long run. that is why all fairphone are modular so there easier to repair and keep running for far longer that a none modular phone. i would seriously consider buying the fairphone 5 there are just a few small things putting me off making a commitment. 1. charging speed 20w is just way to slow for modern times should be at least 25w like most Samsung phone. 2. battery capacity should be at least 4500 mAh as alot of high end devices are now reducing capacity so the devices can be thinner. 3. must have a micro sd card slot as again most manufacturers have removed it which is a shame a big shame. if fairphone make a fp 5 and it has all these upgrades i would gladly give them a try.

Rizwan Abid Comment On Infinix Hot 20i. 2 month(s) ago

nice phone wow