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Lorraine Powell Comment On Figi Note 1 Pro. 8 day(s) ago

The first Figi phone I purchased did not charge so I took it back, the second figi phone lasted about 2 weeks before it malfunctioned with vertical fuzzy lines and I had to send back to the manufacturer.

Rizwan Abid Comment On Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate. 13 day(s) ago

ultimate phone for games

Normand Hébert Comment On Cricket Icon 3. 14 day(s) ago

I have had cricket phones for over 8 years and loved how inexpensive but functional they were. All of that changed when I bought a brand new icon 3 a month or two ago. I immediately began having problems with messaging apps, speakers, signals Etc. I went to return the phone and because I miscalculated how they figure the seven day return policy I was one day past it and even when speaking with management they absolutely refuse to do anything for me. This phone is garbage. The screen freezes up all the time, it's constantly telling me it can't access a website and then one second later accesses it. The Bluetooth does not work well with my brand new car and the speaker is so bad it's annoying to listen to. There is absolutely nothing I like about this phone and had I read the reviews I would not have purchased one. This phone was considered an upgrade and cost about $80 well above the $39 I paid for my last one which lasted me about 5 years. What a complete piece of garbage cricket should take it off the market

Edor John Comment On Oale CC2. 21 day(s) ago

Where can I get the screen of this fone n how much will it cost me?

Faisal Ali Comment On Oale CC2. 23 day(s) ago

I want to buy oale CC2

Mrez Comment On Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G. 26 day(s) ago

Last year Phones with new names ????????????Xiaomi sucks.

Kefir Keyres Comment On Benco V80. 28 day(s) ago

Do you have spare parts for Benco V80 screen

Emmanuel O Ochokwunu Comment On Samsung Galaxy S10e. 28 day(s) ago

How much is it in nagiral

Rizwan Abid Comment On Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders. 2 month(s) ago

Good device for games?