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You Comment On Realme GT5. 18 day(s) ago

Great phone for gaming.

Aung Pig Taye Comment On Honor 10 Lite. 1 month(s) ago


Jon Dowing Comment On Zte Avid 589. 2 month(s) ago

I purchased this phone to replace my Samsung S7 Edge when I switched carriers. It's a fraction of the S7's price yet performs at 95% of the S7's capabilities. The Avid 589's three weak spots are 1.) Lower res camera 2.) Slower processor speeds - especially with apps 3.) Accuracy of alarms - daily clock alarms are very accurate, but calendar alarms rarely sound at times set. Most of my calendar's alarms sound 4-15 minutes after their set time. The phone has a good speaker sound and also works well with my BT headphones. The calendar works great, I use it all the time for dozens of appointments. I can set alerts for days or hours in advance. There are a bunch of alarm/alert/ringer sounds that can be set very soft or very loud - again, the speaker is very good.

Jayaseelan G Comment On Qmobile 4G Plus. 2 month(s) ago

Dear sir, Need for Qmobile 4g plus keypad phone. 1 one piece delivery my address. Money - Hand cash or google pay. Cell - 9176489458 Jayaseelan g 1/147, Nehru street, mudichur, west tambaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India - 600048.

You Comment On Oppo K11. 3 month(s) ago

good phone

Moses Edeji Comment On FreeYond M5. 4 month(s) ago

Good day. How can I get a replacement screen for my FreeYond M5 that has a damaged screen?

Deejay Chrisent Comment On Itel S23 4G. 4 month(s) ago

True phone

Adedeji Temitope Ireti Comment On Tecno Pop 10. 4 month(s) ago

Nice. Best for me

Axolochii Comment On Moxee m2160. 5 month(s) ago

Shit phone. For being a free, government given phone it's still ass. Literally, you'd have a better chance surviving being hit by a train than getting anything to work on this damned device. 2gb ram? might as well tie yourself to train tracks. The thing takes forever to open, load or download an app, typing is a pain because barely anything will go at the speed you are (i type a word and have to wait 30 seconds for it to register) - service is bad aswell (jonathan borden dont kid yourself, calls text n video work like spoiled milk in cereal) and its LTE like seriously? LTE LMFAO - whoever made and designed this phone should be fired and have 3 generations of their family put in prison for this abomination in THIS economy