HMD Global Set to Ditch Nokia Brand, Teases New Lineup of Devices

Staff Author 0 Comments Feb 02, 2024  HMD Global Set to Ditch Nokia Brand, Teases New Lineup of Devices

HMD Global has announced its decision to cease the use of the Nokia branding on its mobile devices, marking what appears to be the end of the Nokia Mobile smartphone era. The company made this revelation while offering a sneak peek into its upcoming product portfolio, which encompasses an array of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wireless earbuds.

The disclosure has ignited anticipation among tech enthusiasts, with rumors swirling that the forthcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, scheduled for February 26-29, may witness the debut of the first-ever HMD-branded smartphones.

HMD Global's official website currently identifies the company as the "Makers of Nokia phones," sparking speculation about the potential release of Nokia-branded feature phones in the near future.

Amidst this transition, HMD is actively promoting its commitment to delivering a range of innovative, tough, fun, secure, fast, and affordable new phones. As part of this strategic shift, existing Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets are being offered at discounted prices while supplies last.

Interestingly, HMD Global, with its Finnish roots, has played a pivotal role in reviving the Nokia brand. However, the company now seems poised to forge ahead with its own distinct identity in the highly competitive mobile device market.

While Nokia Corporation continues to maintain its stature as a global leader in network equipment, boasting a significant presence in the mobile tech space, HMD Global's decision to steer away from the iconic Nokia branding signals a new chapter for the company. With the promise of an exciting lineup, consumers eagerly await the unveiling of HMD's latest offerings at the upcoming MWC event.


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