Oppo A7 FAQs (Questions & Answers)

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What is the launch date of oppo A7?

Oppo A7 Release or Launch date is 01 Nov, 2018.

Oppo A7 does support 3G Network?

YES, oppo A7 support 3G
3G Band: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100.

Oppo A7 does support 4G Network?

YES, oppo A7 support 4G
4G Band: LTE.

Oppo A7 does support 5G Network?

NO, oppo A7 does not support 5G.

Does Oppo A7 have Fast Charging option?

YES, oppo A7 have Fast Charging

Does Oppo A7 have wireless charging option?

oppo A7 have charging

What is the screen size of Oppo A7?

Screen size/Display Size of Oppo A7 is 6.2 inches.

Is NFC available in Oppo A7?

NO, oppo A7 does not have NFC

What colors do the Oppo A7 come in?

Glazing Blue, Dazzling Gold, Rose Pink

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